Garry Adams & Ted Walton Obtain $13.4 million verdict after 7 years of litigation

Garry Adams, Ted Walton, and Pete Lay recently tried a long-running dispute between Ardie Greenamyer and his former friends and business associates Tom Eifler, Jr. and Tom Eifler, Sr.  Greenamyer and Eifler Jr. founded a successful tower crane and hoist company.  After he built the company Greenmayer was excluded by the Eifers, who denied he had any interest in the venture.  The lawsuit was filed in 2009 and was finally tried in June of 2016.  Portions of the parties dispute were heard in seven different courts in 4 different states.  When Greenamyer final received his day in court, the jury found he had been wronged by the Eiflers setting compensatory damages at 5.66 million.  The jury further found the Eiflers conduct was sufficiently egregious to warrant punitive damages.

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