Child Support

Determining child support involves a number of different factors. In Kentucky the Courts will generally look to the Kentucky child support guidelines found in KRS 403.212. Attorney Winner, will carefully guide clients through Kentucky child support guidelines, helping them prepare required documents and information for the court’s consideration. Understanding how the guidelines work and what to provide not only avoids delays and complications but ensures a fair consideration of all the facts of your case by the court.

Further in some cases, the parties’ income may be above the Kentucky child support guidelines. These cases can be very difficult and require extensive preparation. As a threshold question in a high income child support case the courts will look toward the reasonable needs of the child or children. This can include the past standard of living of other children, and what a child of high net worth parents would expect to enjoy.

The child support guidelines can be found here.

Change in Circumstances

As children grow older or as family situations change, child support can change as well. If you anticipate a reduction in wages, loss in income, increase in earnings by your spouse, or any other change that could affect your children’s situation, our lawyers prepare necessary papers, file motions, and undertake necessary actions to immediately address your change in circumstance. It is often imperative to file a motion to change child support if your circumstances change.

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