David Camm, represented by Garry Adams, to sue Floyd Co. and Indiana for $30M

A jury handed David Camm his freedom, but now he wants more — millions more.

Floyd County officials were recently served notice that Camm will sue the county and the state of Indiana for millions of dollars, but the action has been in the works for several months.

Camm is a former Indiana State Trooper who was twice convicted of killing his wife and two children in the garage of their Georgetown, Ind. home in Sept. 2000. But both those convictions were overturned on appeal and a third jury found him not guilty in 2013.

“The monetary amount that we included in our tort claim is $30 million,” said Louisville attorney Garry Adams, who is representing Camm in his civil suit against Floyd County and the state of Indiana.

The notice of tort claim gets the ball rolling on the $30-million lawsuit.

“And I can tell you there’s no amount of money that can repay him for what has been done to him,” Adams said.

The tort claim is a prelude to a civil lawsuit, which states Camm was “the victim of an unlawful investigation, arrest, imprisonment and malicious prosecution at the hands of Floyd County.”

“Anybody’s name that is included in this tort claim notice is a potential defendant,” said Adams.

The first name on the list of potential defendants is the first man to win a conviction against Camm: former Floyd County Prosecutor Stan Faith.

“And we got service on both the Floyd County Commissioners, the Floyd County Council and I had somebody also hand deliver and serve the Floyd County attorney,” Adams said.

“It is all positive and I enjoyed it, but it’s a damn shame that so many people have been through such tragic times for nothing,” said Camm.

In an exclusive interview at the annual Innocence Network Conference in Portland, Oregon last month, Camm told WDRB about his plans to file the civil lawsuit against Floyd County.

“Well, they took 13 years of my life, not only did they not even allow me to attend the funerals of my wife and my children, but discredit me as a human being and a person and take away my identity. The state of Indiana and all of its representatives have stolen 13 years of my life and that’s not right and somebody needs to pay for that!”

Camm’s attorneys say the lawsuit will be filed in federal court in the near future. Meanwhile, no one named as a potential defendant in the case is willing to go on camera right now.

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