Consumer Reports Review of LegalZoom, Rocketlawyer, and Nolo’s WillMaker Plus

I have liked and trusted Consumer Reports since I was a kid.  Consumer Reports has a very short video review of the big players in the do-it-yourself wills industry.  Consumer Report’s bottom line: all three have significant drawbacks but “are better than nothing if you have no will”.  For very simple wills for a traditional family it is possible to create a legally valid document with these programs.  However, even for very simple estate plans there are significant dangers.  If the documents are not executed correctly they are completely invalid.  There is very little flexibility in the documents.  More importantly, many important topics such as the effect of Payable on Death Accounts are not highlighted.

We think it is important for just about everyone to have a will, living will (health care surrogate or Coma Documents); and Durable Power of Attorney.  While the do-it-yourself software and forms are very affordable, they are problematic.  Reputable Kentucky attorneys draft simple estate plans that are not that expensive.  Whether you use us to draft your will or another good attorney in the area you will have the piece of mind of knowing the bases are covered and your estate plan was done right.

Consumer Reports – Very Short Review of Self Help Will Drafting Software