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Soured friendship spawns $13.4 million verdict

High school buddies at St. X and both helicopter pilots, Ardie Greenamyer and Tom Eifler Jr. reunited 21 years after their graduation when they flew workers and supplies in — and victims out — of flooded New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina.

Why Sullivan University could face a class-action lawsuit over wages

The Kentucky Supreme Court recently handed down a far-reaching decision that allows employees in Kentucky the option to certify class-action lawsuits against employers over unpaid wages and overtime disputes. As a result, Louisville-based Sullivan University System Inc. could face such a class action.

The Kentucky Medical Review Panel Mandate

On March 16, 2017, Kentucky governor Matt Bevin signed Senate Bill 4, effectively establishing this bill as law. The Kentucky Legislature website provides the details of the bill, summarizing it as: “An act relating to medical review panels.

CDWA reaches a tentative class action settlement

CDWA reached a tentative settlement in a class action lawsuit brought by former inmates in the Floyd County Indiana Jail concerning the conditions of confinement in the facility. (